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Alphabet Flash Cards & Play Dough Kit

Alphabet Flash Cards & Play Dough Kit

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Play and learn as you and your child explore the Alphabet flash cards and play dough kit together.

Age Group: 

2yrs - 6yrs

(Caution: Children under the age of 3 must be supervised by adults while using this kit. None of the objects should be chewed or sucked upon.)

This Kit Includes:

1- Alphabet Flash Cards: Unlock the world of letters with our 26 Alphabet Flash Cards, featuring objects on one side and their corresponding alphabets on the other.

2- Six Vibrant Play Dough: Six colorful jars of homemade, all-natural play dough provide a canvas for endless letter-inspired designs.

3- A to Z Cookie Cutters: From A for apple to Z for zebra, explore the alphabet through play dough creations and match them with the flash cards.

4- Roller: Roller made for small hands to roll out the play dough.

How to Play

1- Shape and Learn: Roll play dough with your hands as well as the cookie cutters to create letters and objects, learning the hands-on way.

2- Match and Discover: Pair alphabet cutters with flash cards for interactive letter association, adding a fun learning element.

3- Create Objects: Mould play dough into A to Z objects from the cards, enhancing vocabulary and letter understanding.

4- Motor Skills Boost: Engaging with play dough refines fine motor skills, benefiting toddlers' hand coordination.

5- Holistic learning: This kit merges letter learning, creativity, and motor skill development, offering a well-rounded learning experience.

About our Play Dough

Ingredients: Our play dough is created with care, using flour, salt, cream of tartar, natural colors, and essence. Rest assured, it's safe for kids to enjoy creative play without any worries.

Storage: After playtime, make sure to put the play dough back in its airtight container. This helps keep it fresh and ready for your next creative adventure.

Play dough texture: Our play dough is made from all-natural ingredients. Due to varying weather conditions, the texture may change. If it becomes sticky, simply add a pinch of flour and knead it until it regains its original consistency. If it hardens, a small dab of oil can help bring it back to its original form.

Renewal: For optimal play experience, we recommend changing the play dough every three months. This ensures a consistently enjoyable and safe playtime.



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