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Numbers & Fruits Flash Cards

Numbers & Fruits Flash Cards

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This set includes: 20 numbered flashcards.

Learning numbers is super fun with our set of 20 flashcards, each with a different fruit. Using these cards, your little one will learn to identify and count numbers with the help of fruits. Use the buttons that come with this pack and turn this into an interactive counting & matching exercise.

Benefits & Features:

Identifying numbers 1 to 20.
Encourages early math development.
Fun counting activity.
Builds curiosity and interest in fruits.
20 flashcards with numbers & fruits such as :




Lychee & 16 more.

Age group: 2-4 years

Caution: Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults while using the cards and buttons. Cards should not be chewed or sucked upon. Buttons should not be chewed or sucked upon.

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